Introducing Sneak Peek – the ultimate Christmas Eve experience for families! Santa himself will pay a 15-20 minute visit to your home and deliver prepackaged family-supplied gifts for your children to place under the Christmas tree. But that’s not all – he’ll also fill the stockings with family-supplied gifts while you and your kids quietly hide and watch from a safe distance. Shhh, remember to be as quiet as a mouse since you’ll be spying on Santa himself! We wouldn’t want to startle him with a camera flash, so please refrain from using flash photography. However, you are welcome to record the visit with your cell phone or camcorder quietly.

These exclusive visits are only available after 9 pm on Christmas Eve, so be sure to book early to secure your spot! And don’t forget to sequester or board your furry friends to ensure a peaceful and magical visit from Santa. Your family will treasure this truly unique and unforgettable experience for years. So why wait? Book your Sneak Peek visit today!


Want to take your Sneak Peek experience to the next level? Upgrade to Sneak & Peek Plus for even more Christmas magic! With Sneak Peek Plus, Santa will deliver your prepackaged family-supplied gifts as usual, and you and your family can hide and watch quietly until he’s finished. But then comes the fun part – everyone jumps out from their hiding spots to surprise Santa! The joy and excitement on your children’s faces as they surprise Santa will be a moment you’ll never forget.